For the purposes of our company, we provide consultancy and engineering support together with r&d project activities and services. Here are some of our areas of expertise:

  • Ionospheric Physics and High Frequency (2 - 30 MHz) Communication
  • Infrared Environment and Platform Modeling
  • Electronic Warfare (RF and Infrared)
    1. Laboratory Infrastructures (Signal Injection or Signal Propagation)
    2. Open Site Infrastructure Electronic Mixing Systems (Jammer)
    3. Simulation Infrastructures EMI & EMC Modeling,
    4. Analysis and Measurement Optical System Design and Prototype Developmentme

KO Modelling and EMI/EMCEMIEMC-01

Environmental Security

Çevre Güvenlik-01

Electronic War Infrastructure

Elektronik Hrp Altyapı-01


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